Who am I..

Hi, I’m Jason and I’m 28. I work full time as a chef in Suffolk, I’ve never received any formal training most of what I’ve learnt has been on the job, which has created a great foundation. I started this website as an outlet for my thoughts, I’d call my self; sort of an “ideas guy”, when I get an idea that excites me I need to get it out of my system by creating, experimenting, progressing and enjoying the process.

A lot of countries have a stereotype of British food thinking its boring and that it mostly consists of roast beef, fish & chips and tea, whilst we do love the aforementioned there’s a whole other side to British ingredients, seasonality and cooking.  That’s the other reason for this site, to show you that British food isn’t so terrible.

I used to do a thing called tricking, until I tore a ligament.



But on the positive side it lead me into a small obsession with health and fitness.

That’s about all you need to know.

Hope you enjoy the site.