Breakfast ideas, breakfast doesn’t have to be breakfast

Hello!  This isn’t going to be a recipe post per se, I just wanted to talk about breakfast and peoples limited breakfast mindset… Breakfast doesn’t always have to be breakfast and by this I mean it doesn’t have to always: cereal, granola, porridge, eggs on toast etc. Slightly different tangent but i’m not a massive fan of milk or cereal so I’ve found quick and easy alternatives, i’m also trying to lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle so the food i eat hopefully reflects that (most of the time).

So for me a good breakfast needs to be high in protein, high in fibre and pretty healthy to kick start the day and provide me with long last energy. So below are just a few things I have for breakfast which don’t take long to make.

Kedgeree, quick to make if you have a bit of left over risotto rice already cooked, high in protein, decent amount of fibre and a poached egg, all round winner in my book!
This is a dead simple one, overnight porridge, 1 part yoghurt, 1 part oats leave overnight and then chuck a load of fresh fruit and nuts on it in the morning.. Instant breakfast!
I had some grow your own mushrooms, so I grew my own oyster mushrooms, bit of toast and a poached egg. Brilliant breakfast, man I love mushrooms.
This is a one pan wonder, a cross between a breakfast hash and shakshouka. I started by frying off chorizo, onions and potatoes, I then chucked in a tin of chopped tomatoes, added to eggs and baked for 15 minutes. Really tasty, good way of using left overs!

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